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Weekly Twitter Updates: 2009-11-29

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  • I'm finally getting around to packing for NYC. This year we're doing turkey day in the Big Apple for a change… should be a lot of fun!! #
  • Hanging out at my sister in laws place in NYC watching the floats get blown up… Pics to follow! #
  • At the start of the Macy's Day Parade… 77th street NYC! #
  • Dinner last night at the Yale Club was outstanding! Tonight it's the Ocean Grill and then off to a comedy club in Times Square…!! #
  • WOW!! MOMA in NYC… Another mad house!! #
  • Saw a guy on the way to airport rollerblading down 5th Ave with a full size Christmas tree on his back… Priceless!! #

Craigslist Scams…

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I’ll start off by saying that I use Craigslist quite a bit and truly believe that it is a very useful resource for both buying and selling of goods online. However, there are people in this world who choose to use the site for the reason of illegal personal gain… yes people, we’re talking about scam artists!

Just recently, I posted an underwater camera system for sale on Craigslist and I was truly taken in by the results. For every good response to the ad, I received at least ten emails from scammers who wanted me to ship the camera system overseas to a third party; Most often stating they would include a large sum of additional payment for the shipping and all of them requested to pay via Paypal.

Maybe you’ve heard of this scam before… these people target Craigslist sellers by using Paypal to initiate payment and then canceling (or disputing) the payment once the item has been shipped off to West Africa. My understanding is that the scammers have people working for them in the USPS office’s in Nigeria and they make sure that the packages don’t get returned to the sender when the deal falls through! This is a warning to anyone who uses Craigslist to sell items! It seems that the scammers mostly target the ad’s for expensive electronics (laptops, cameras, cellphones, etc.)

NOTE: Be advised that scammers most often use fictitious names for their email correspondence, but they have also been known to use real individuals names, like yours and mine, they have stolen from the Web. For this reason, the names and email addresses contained in this article do NOT represent real law abiding individuals!

Here are a few examples of actual emails I’ve received from¬†scammers: (View Photos, Slideshows, Videos & More»)

Weekly Twitter Updates: 2009-11-22

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  • Is it all the multi-tasking lately or that I just can't get around w/ this foot? Don't know, but I'm feeling slightly overwhelmed today! #
  • Heading to Bethesda to look at a refurbished Dell PE 2850 server… gonna have to make some major changes before next year… #
  • Just got back from a great brunch at Zaytinya in Chinatown! It's so nice to find time to get together with close friends… priceless!! #
  • Working on code tonight for a new Website project. No really… it's such a relaxing way to spend a Sunday evening!! #

Weekly Twitter Updates: 2009-11-08

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  • Foot surgery tomorrow… and I'm not looking forward to it! They say I might be laid-up for 3 to 4 weeks… can you say Oxycodone? #
  • Caps Win 4-1 in Florida… all is good in the world once again!! Except for my foot that is,… yes it still freaking hurts!!! #

Weekly Twitter Updates: 2009-11-01

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  • Waiting at home for the repair people… again! I hate it when they wont give you an exact time.. "be there between 8 & 12"… Crap!! #
  • I hope it fixes some of their issues… RT @mashable Facebook Launches Share Buttons for Publishers http://bit.ly/2l6wcl #
  • And yes… this is the reason I don't watch football anymore! Don't get me wrong, I love my hometown team… Go CAPS!!!! #
  • An absolute must have child safety product!… http://bit.ly/12e9I3 #
  • Cleaning out my inbox one more time before I hit the sack… seems like it's been a really long day! #
  • Caps' Quintin Laing has been diagnosed with swine flu – http://bit.ly/2mmu26 #
  • Getting together for dinner with the family tonight at Sette Bello, Clarendon… Umm, can't wait! http://www.settebellorestaurant.com/ #
  • Having a glass of wine at Sette Bello in Arlington… #
  • Happy Halloween everyone….!!! #
  • Heading down to the boat to start the winterization process… wish it was a little nicer out for this! #
  • Home from the boat and now heading to Verizon Center for the Caps game…. Let's Go Caps!!!! #