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New Photography Websites!

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Tropical Imagery Screenshot
Tropical Imagery Photography – Screenshot

I have just finished designing and building two new Web sites for hosting another kind of travel photography… Tropical Island Photography! These two sites are going to be mirror images of one another as far as layout and design, but they will both run seperate guestbooks and travel journals for the stats and, with a little help from Julie, some different content as well.

The new Web sites are:  Tropical Imagery Photography  and  Island Imagery Photography. I still have a lot of content yet to upload and the gallery is not setup yet, but this gives you a good idea of what the site is going to look like when completed (I’m thinking by the end of February.) 

I love designing and building Websites and even more so when they are personal sites. I get a huge high out of seeing the code take shape and the site spring to life once it hits the server. But having to maintain the sites and update the content all the time is another story. I still have two more personal Web sites to design and build when I get back from Fiji and I’m hopeing that once they’re finished I might be able to give one to Julie for hosting her own personal photography.

More on the Web sites later…

Equipment check-out for our Fiji trip!

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Saturday night Julie and I drove out to Tyson’s to spend a couple of hours in the pool for a little Fiji pre-trip equipment check. The swimming pool is a YMCA owned and operated one that our local dive shop uses for scuba classes. It’s not the nicest pool in the area by any means, but most public (and private) pools don’t want to have to deal with the ‘scuba diver’ and all the equipment they like to bring into the water.

Julie at the YMCA pool in Tysons

I’ve heard lots of stories about pool owners having issues with the lead weights divers use or scuba cylinders banging up the bottoms of their pools, but until this past weekend I had never heard of pool owners blaming scuba divers for screwing up the water quality in a swimming pool.

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Photo Print Sales Website!

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I have just finished setting up a new online account with ‘Smugmug’ to host and sell my underwater/travel photography. At the moment, I only have one collection of images uploaded, but for the future, I will be uploading new collections from some of the weddings  and other events I have photographed. In the past I have had to jump thru some serious hoops in order to fill print orders… with the new print sales account, all that is taken care of online and in house at Smugmug.

Smugmug.com - screenshot
Photo sales page on Smugmug.com – screenshot

You can choose which photos you want to purchase; what sizes you would like them printed and you even have a choice of what the images are printed on (matte/glossy or canvas). All this is done with the ease of a shopping cart system and then the order is filled by Smugmug, where their professional print lab reproduces my photographs in the size requested. They then inspect the final prints for quality, package them and ship them straight to you. How easy is that!!

If you are interested in a specific photo you have seen on this site and you were unable to find it on my print sales website, please contact me directly via email at: imagesales@oceanimagery.com

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