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Dylan’s Cadillac

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Dylan vs The Dead Battery!

Here’s a cute little video clip of Dylan trying to push his battery powered Cadillac after running the battery all the way down. He actually pushed it around the backyard quite a bit before we finally had to put it away for the evening.

V-Day Harlem Shake

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The V-Day cycle team’s Harlem Shake Video – via YouTube

My brother sent me this YouTube clip the other day of his cycling team doing the Harlem Shake during a post ride party… enjoy!!

The Noodle Dance!

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Everyone knows that boating brings out the best in people… it’s a well known fact! But every once in a while, when you’re out on the water enjoying the company of good friends, the combination of sun, fun, beer and music gets the better of us… and when that happens, we all hope that someone has a video camera handy to capture the moment. Thanks Charlie for sharing… this was truly a priceless moment of the summer!

Whiney Girlfriend Video…

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If you’re the type of person who loves being on the water and loves your boat, you will totally love this ad by Nitro Bass Boats. You can ask a guy to put up with a lot… but don’t even mention trying to make him sell his boat!!

The Rock Island Wreck…

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This past Sunday, after anchoring and rafting up with friends at Belmont Bay, I learned that there had been a mishap on the river the night before. This is all second hand information, but it seems that a couple of fellows in a small Wellcraft power boat ended up launching their boat onto Rock Island just South of the Occoquan River Inlet. At first I was under the impression that they had just run aground on the rocks when they got too close to the island, but my friends assured me that was not the case.

After hearing the story of how the entire boat was up on the island… well I had to go see it for myself. So on our way back to the marina we took a detour out to the island and sure enough, the boat looked like it had been set atop the island with a crane! This was a way funny site, but I do hope the two people in the boat were okay. Hitting a land mass like this at speed could kill someone!! Maybe it’s time to put up a navigational marker light… you think!?
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Beware Of The Doghouse…

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Just when you thought it couldn’t get any scarier this holiday season someone had to come along and make a video to remind us of the biggest holiday horror of all… giving your special someone the wrong gift!! The video is only about five minutes long, but guys you really need to watch it… it could save your life!!!



Obama Wins… What Now?

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I was surfing the Web earlier today and ran across a twitter feed on another persons blog that I visit quite often. Normally I just read the quick one-liners and move on, but this one sounded too funny to pass up! Anyway the feed had a link to this video from the The Onion, a somewhat original (and very funny) news source. I have embeded the video for your viewing pleasure… Enjoy! 

Obama Win Causes Obsessive Supporters To Realize How Empty Their Lives Are


Do Sports Drinks Work?

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WOW… I would have never believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes! Sports drinks really do work… and the’re not just for athletes any more either. Check out this video… it is simply amazing (and also better than any clinical study ever released!) Thanks for the link Mike!!


Download the video here» sportsdrink.wmv

The Tiki Bar – Backstage Bender…

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I subscribe to a number of different video podcasts which include everything from financial market reports and world news to modern cooking and photography techniques. They all help fulfill my need for information, but when I need a good laugh I can always count on one of my favorites… “The Tiki Bar.” In this episode (#39 – Backstage Bender) the cast puts together some of their best outtakes and bloopers for our viewing pleasure… Enjoy!!



For more from the Tiki Bar visit their Website at: http://tikibartv.com

Way Too Funny!!

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My brother just sent me a link to a Website that features a home made video called “Sales Guy vs. Web Dude”. The video is about 10 and a half minutes long, but it is well worth watching! Even if your not an IT person you’ll still get a huge laugh out of this one. According to the guys blog, he’s had over 1 million views of this video so far…!! Check it out and make sure you have your speakers turned on!! 

Click on Image – Video player will open in a new window

Video made and hosted by: http://www.thewebsiteisdown.com/

Stay tuned… more videos to follow!

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