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Ballston Tropics vs. Maple Leafs – Full Game Video

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KCIHL Ballston Tropics vs. Maple Leafs – 01/15/2015 – Arlington, VA

One of the players on the KCIHL Maple Leafs was nice enough to post and share the entire game footage from our Lower C League hockey game at Kettler Capitals Iceplex in Arlington, VA. This was a normal Friday night KCIHL Adult League game between my team, the Ballston Tropics and the Fairfax Maple Leafs. What’s neat about this video is that two Go-Pro cameras where used to film it, one behind each goal, and then the video was spliced and edited to show the action at both ends of the ice… real time! Nice job guys!!

BTW… the video should start in the second period @31:15 where you will see the sweet back-hand goal I had to give us the lead. If you want to watch the entire game, just scroll back to the beginning of the video. Another good game and great team win! Go Tropics!!

Capitals Practice At Kettler

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Dylan’s class had a field trip today to the Kettler Capitals Iceplex to watch the Washington Capitals practice and then try some ice skating of their own. I was able to get off from work to accompany Dylan and his class for the event and also managed to snapped off a couple of photos.
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Dylan’s First Caps Game!

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Dylan in his reindeer hat screaming… “Look Dad… It’s Slap Shot!!” – Verizon Center, Washington, DC

Just the other night, my son Dylan had his first opportunity to experience the excitement of a live Caps game at Verizon Center. Thanks to our neighbor Alexandra, Dylan and I (along with Alex and her son) had a great evening watching the Caps roll over the Flyers for a 4 to 1 victory from some nice lower level seats her company holds the season tickets for. Thanks again Alex… we had a blast!!

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Tropics Playoffs – First Round

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The Tropics goaltender, Joe Harris, standing tall between the pipes!

The Ballston Tropics Hockey Club started out their 2012-2013 winter playoff run with a game against their old friends the Clusterpucks. After beating the Pucks 4-2 in the first round, the Tropics would go on to be eliminated in the second round by the Rocco’s in what would be called the worst officiated hockey game ever! I’d like to thank Jen Harris for the fantastic photos she has taken of the team this past season!!

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Ballston Tropics Hockey

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The Ballston Tropics Hockey Club – 2012 KCIHL Winter Adult League

I have posted about my adult league hockey team many times in the past, but the last couple of seasons we have been performing slightly below average. This season however, I am happy to report that it looks like we may actually take first place for the regular season in our division and the first seed in the playoffs. We still have a couple of games to go before playoff time, but we could do no worse than second as it stands now!

Our goaltender, Joe Harris, asked his wife Jennifer to come out and take some photos of our most recent game against the Night Caps, for use on the Ballston Tropics Website. This would turn out to be a great night for both hockey and photography where as not only did we win the game, but Jennifer ended up capturing some excellent photos of the game and the team as well! A big thank you from myself and the rest of the team to Jennifer White Harris for taking the time to photograph the game!
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KCIHL Winter 2011-2012 Championship

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The Ballston Tropics Hockey Club – 2011 & 2012 Winter KCIHL C-1 Division Champions

Well we did it… we won the big one once again! For the third straight season, the Ballston Tropics Hockey Club has taken home the championship trophy for their division. It was no surprise that the Clusterpucks put up an incredible fight and even managed to tie things up in the third period and thus send the game into sudden death overtime. But with the guys firing on all cylinders, we managed to put in the winning goal just a couple of minutes into OT. Outstanding game guys… Go Tropics!! Click on the link to see all the photos from the game and celebration afterwords at Rock Bottom Brewery… Enjoy!
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The Hockey Hall Of Fame

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During our last visit to Toronto to see family, Julie and I decided to venture into the city to check out the NHL Hockey Hall of Fame. Here are a few photos from the tour including one of yours truly with the crown jewel of hockey… Lord Stanley’s Cup!
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The KCIHL Champions…!

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The Ballston Tropics Hockey Club – 2010 & 2011 KCIHL C-1 Division Champions

For the second season in a row, the Ballston Tropics Hockey Club has taken the championship in the KCIHL Adult Ice Hockey League C1 Division! ┬áThat’s right… two championship titles in a row for me and the boys and we’re currently working on a third!! You can check out what’s happening with the guys on the teams Website at www.ballstontropics.com! Lets Go Tropics!!
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Bauer TotalOne Skates… Awesome!!

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This is a video clip showing the new TotalOne hockey skates from Bauer in slow motion. The players are pro’s and the skates at the same level. I just picked up a set of TotalOne 100’s which are a level down from the pro skates, but perform just as nicely!

The Best Hands In Hockey…?

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Being such a huge hockey fan and enthusiast I just couldn’t help but post these two videos. The first one shows Pavel Datsyuk of the Detroit Red Wings playing a one-on-one game of keep away with one of the reporters from FSN in Detroit. This guy is pretty good, but he’s no match for Pavel! The second video feathers a former Detroit Red Wing, Alex Kovalev, as he skates circles around three other players and never gives up the puck… not even once! Nice stick handling skills…!! (View Photos, Slideshows, Videos & More»)

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