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Earth’s water is everywhere around us. About two-thirds of the Earth's surface is covered by water in the form of oceans, lakes, rivers, streams, and ponds. We don’t always think about how much water there is because we don’t always see much of it if we don’t live near an ocean or big lake. Earth’s oceans are vast covering much of the earth and because of this we miss a lot of exciting things like how different creatures live and volcanoes erupting underwater.

The oceans have their own ecosystem with everything from the tiniest creatures that you need a microscope to see to the largest creatures on earth. The only way for us to view and learn about these amazing creatures is to use specialized submarines. The subs are specially made because the deeper they go the more pressure there is. Some places are so deep that they have to use a robot to go down to the bottom. Even in the deepest parts of the oceans there are living creatures and we need to learn more about them.

  • Ocean Living: The Smithsonian’s Zoological Park’s section on ocean life.
  • Marine Bio Kids: Marine science links for interactive games for kids.
  • Life in the Deep: An interesting and informative article on life in deep ocean waters.
  • Creatures of the Deep: A comprehensive list of links to photos and information about the creatures of the deep.
  • Kids Oceans-Ocean Creatures: Links to different sea creatures, games and videos for kids.
  • Food Chain: Understanding the oceans food chain from phytoplankton to mammals.
  • Marine Ecosystem: All about the marine ecosystem and life in the different ecosystems.
  • Ecosystem Guide: A short look at the importance of how the food web in the oceans. 
  • Whale Times: Whale Times links to information and facts ocean animals for kids.

Life is abundant in the oceans with a vast array of different creatures from whales to plankton. All the creatures are dependent upon each other to survive, but not the only thing. The sea creatures are also dependent on the water itself and the quality of the water. Some areas of our oceans are very dirty with only the very hardy surviving and other areas are very clean and thriving. It’s very important for the survival of our ocean’s inhabitant’s to have clean water free of pollution, because even though the ocean seems separate from us living on land, we are dependent upon the oceans for our survival.

The ocean is not just affected by pollution, but also by the climate changes. The ocean absorbs heat from the atmosphere, which then takes that heat and sends it all around. Sometimes though, the climate changes and becomes too warm, which then causes the oceans to warm up to higher than normal degrees. When this happens a lot of fish and marine life die off if they can’t adapt to the changing temperatures. The same happens when it gets too cold as well. If the oceans go below normal cool temperatures during colder weather, fish and other marine life die off.

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