These are photographs taken from the shipwreck sites of:
The Kinghorn / The Keystorm / The Victory / The King

Matt Harlan with a tea cup found on the Kinghorn Wreck
Matt and Alan sharing some back gas on the Keystorm
Alan Helig working his way up the side of the Keystorm
Matt and Eric getting ready to penetrate the Kinghorn
Matt, Alan and Eric on one of our many decompression stops
Eric must be thinking I'm crazy for bringing a camera this deep
Artifacts found on the Kinghorn wreck (or placed there?)
The old wooden decking of the Victory shipwreck
Alan asking Matt a question during a deco hang
A length of rusted chain on the Victory shipwreck
On the deck of the Victory shipwreck
Matt Harlan on the Kinghorn shipwreck
Alan, Matt and Eric on the stern of the Kinghorn Wreck

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